How To Setup & Debug Facebook Pixel Code – Google Tag Manager – Step by Step Guide

I’ll be showing the step by step method to setup & debug facebook pixel code on your website through tag manager. I am assuming you have tag manager account created.
Also, this code is known as the facebook pixel base code, as it initiates the fbq tracker with pixel ID

You can create only one pixel per ad account.

So, Lets Start…

How To Set Up & Debug Facebook Pixel Code – Google Tag Manager

Step 1

  • Go To Facebook Pixel Page.
  • Click on Set Up Pixel > Use Integration or Tag Manager > Tag Manager > Copy the Pixel Base Code

Facebook New Pixel Setup

Facebook Base Code Setup


Step 2

  • Go To Google Tag Manager
  • Create New Tag > Custom HTML Tag > Paste the facebook copied code.
  • Select All Pages Trigger, which is available by default.
  • Click Publish, to make the tag live.

Facebook-Base-Pixel-SEtup-Tag Manager


Step 3

  • Install the Pixel Help Plugin.
  • Go To your website & check if the facebook pixel is firing without any errors.
  • If everything is fine, Pageview tag would fire & will be shown with a green tick shown.
  • Confirm the Pixel ID with the line in the code in custom HTML fbq(‘init’, PIXEL_ID)

Facebook Pixel Helper Plugin


  • If the Pixel ID does not match, then you might be having another code on your site. Re-check if some other code has been manually placed.

Facebook Pixel Base Code - Pixel ID

  • The NoScript Tag in Custom HTML is of no use, as GTM will not be able to place NoScript tag without javascript.


Step 4

  • Create a Custom Javascript Variable (JavascriptEnabled) to test if javascript is enabled. (Simo’s trick)
  • Create Custom Image tag in GTM & paste the following as Image URL.
    ‘{{Page URL}}’
  • Trigger it using Pageview hit & JavascriptEnabled not equals true.

Facebook NonJS Pixel Trigger - GTM

Custom Javascript Variable - GTMFacebook NonJs Pixel - GTM Image tag



Step 5

  • Go To Facebook Pixel Page. You can now see the facebook pixel fired.
  • You can click on view icon on the right side of activity to see recent pixel fires.


Facebook Debugging

  • Also check if the pixel is getting fired on all devices, correct domains & URLs
  • You can use the tabs or the drop downs to analyze.

Facebook Pixel Debug - Device, URLs, Domains


The data might take some time to populate.  You can check after some couple of hours.


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