DigiXport – Reporting & Analysis Tool For Sheets

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Why DigiXport ?

A Must Tool For Marketing Agencies, Marketers, Freelancers, Digital Business Owners

Save Your Reporting Time

Get The Facebook & Bing Ads data with a click of a button. Save Queries to further minimize your reporting time.

Import Ads Data in Your Google Analytics Dashboard

Compare ROI for different channels within Google Analytics

Schedule Queries To Automate Your Reporting Process

Export multiple queries by using the scheduling feature.



Take A Look At DigiXport's Exclusive Features

Use Facebook Ads , Facebook Leads, Bing & Adwords Connectors To Export Ads Data in Sheets

Save Your Reporting & Analysis Time.!!!

  • Get started by authorizing your accounts.
  • Export your data for reporting & analysis with a click of a button
  • Save your time on reporting in a cost-effective way




Use UTM Feature To Export Campaign Source Data & Upload it in Google Analytics

Analyze ROI For Facebook & Bing Data in Google Analytics

  • Export UTM Source Data to the sheets.
  • Save the query to avoid re-building your export configurations.
  • Use ‘Currency Conversion‘ to convert the local account currency.


Save & Export Multiple Queries in sheets when offline

Auto-Update Your Data Daily..!!

  • Use Query ID to export saved queries.
  • Schedule¬†daily export before your reporting time.
  • Store & Reset Your Queries.

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Premium Plan For DigiXport Comes With 14 Day Trial Period.


Per User
0$ / Month

Connectors: Facebook ads, Facebook Leads, Bing & Adwords

Multiple Account Export

Row Export Limit: 100 / Query (10 / Query for Facebook Leads)

Query Limit: 50 / Day

Google Analytics Uploader

Save & Export Multiple Queries (Only 2 queries)

Scheduling Queries (Only Daily Export)

Facebook UTM Export Feature

Support via Feedback Form


Per User
24.99$ / Month

Connectors: Facebook Ads, Facebook Leads, Bing & Adwords

Multiple Account Export

Row Export Limit: Unlimited

Query Limit: Unlimited

Google Analytics Uploader

Save & Export Multiple Queries

Scheduling Queries (Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly)

Facebook UTM Export Feature

Support via mail, chat, feedback form

Upcoming Features

Get These Features Free At The Same Price.

– Google Analytics Connector

& more

How DigiXport Compares Itself To Other Tools?

DigiXport Provides Flexibility & Timely Support

Here’s what the problem is:

– Most Reporting Tools in the market are costlier.

– Most Reporting Tools want you to buy the connectors which you won’t even use.

Support is much more delayed.


Also, Digixport provides freemium functionalities along with 14 days free trial. So, Download the Addon Now..!!


Do You Have A Trial Period?

Yes. We Have a 14 Day Trial Period.

On Which Email Id Will I Get Access?

You will generally get access to the id from which the payment is made.

But you can mail to [email protected], use chat or contact form to change the email ID.

After payment, just click on Refresh accounts.

  • In the menu Or
  • In the Add Account Pop Up


I Have Multiple Accounts, How Can I Get Access To All?

Currently, we only support one user (One email ID). So if you have an email ID which has all the accounts access in it, you can use the same ID for the add-on


How To Use DigiXport?

Install The Add-On > Authorize your Facebook Or Bing Ads Account > Start Exporting Ads Data in Sheets. Check Here for more.

How Can DigiXport Help Me?

It can mainly used for

  • Reporting & Analysis.
  • Integrating Sheet Data with Data Studio.
  • Uploading Cost Data to Google Analytics

That’ll help you

  • Save Your Reporting Time.
  • Analyzing Data in sheets
  • Importing Ads data to Data Studio
  • Importing Ads Data To Google Analytics
  • & more…

How To Cancel The Subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime & it can be done from your side.

  1. You can click on ‘Cancel Subscription‘ link on your account page.
  2. You can login to your PayPal > Click on Pre-approved payments > Click Cancel.

Also, you can mail us: [email protected] Or use the live chat to cancel the subscription.

No questions asked during cancellations.

Do You Provide Refunds?

Currently, We Don’t.

We provide Trail period so that it can help you decide if it is a right fit.

Which Payment Gateways Do You Use?

We Currently Use Paypal.