Ritwik B - Digishuflle FounderMy name is Ritwik B, a Product Marketer & Web Analytics Expert  from Mumbai, India.

I started Digishuffle to help digital marketers become “data-driven”  marketers.

Having worked for 5+ yrs across various product marketing aspects including inbound & outbound marketing strategies. I want to share my experience & strategies some of which have successfully earned us 100%+ ROI..!!

My goal is to provide a

  • Accurate & Reliable Tracking Guides.
  • Web Analytics Guides
  • Marketing Scripts To Automate Your Work.
  • Freemium Tools 


Well, I have…

Expertise in:

  • Digital/Product Marketing
  • Google/Firebase Analytics
  • Tag Management
  • Scripts / APIs

Successful background in Computer Engineering.

Certified in:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adwords
  • Predictive Analytics

Recently, I have developed 2 SaaS Products

  • DigiXport – Reporting Tool For Facebook Ads, Facebook Leads, Adwords & Bing
  • YoutubeSurfer – Youtube RAW Data Extractor (Free)

Do Check it out.


Reporting & Analytics Addon For Google Sheets. Connectors: Facebook ads, Facebook Leads, Adwords & Bing ads


Youtube RAW Data Exporter. Now export channel data, video search data & more in csv/xlsx format in seconds.

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