Privacy Policy

DigiXport - Privacy Policy

  • When installing the add-on, we ask for the following permissions
    • View and manage your spreadsheets in Google Drive:
      –> We need this to export the data in the spreadsheet & also while uploading the data.
    • Allow this application to run when you are not present:
      –> We need this permission only if you want to use the report scheduling feature in the add-on. (this is optional)
    • Connect to an external service:
      –> We need this permission to fetch data from the facebook & bing servers
  • When you authorize Google Analytics, we ask for following permissions
    • View your Google Analytics data:
      –> We need this to display the google account, properties & custom data source in the drop down
    • Edit Google Analytics management entities:
      –> We need this to upload the ads data into google analytics.
  • When you authorize Facebook & Bing, we only need the permission to fetch the ads data to export in the spreadsheet.
  • We DO NOT store any ads data on our servers.
  • We DO NOT store emails which are used to access facebook or bing data. We only store email (which is used to install the add-on) & usage data to improve our product & communicate the updates respectively.
  • We DO NOT share or sell the data to the third parties.
  • The ads data fetched from the servers is displayed, as is, without modification. (except when you choose to use the column multiplier feature)