Dynamic Remarketing Code Setup – Analytics & Non-GTM

Dynamic Remarketing Code Setup Methods


Kindly Check Adwords Dynamic Remarketing: Complete Setup Guide For Part – 1 of dynamic remarketing setup.


where I have explained

  • How To Link Adwords & Analytics accounts?
  • How to Preview Dynamic Remarketing Ads?

There are various methods to implement dynamic remarketing. Here is the hierarchy of most of the methods used.

Dynamic Remarketing Hierarchy - Digishuffle



We will be looking at Manual Code Placement —> Analytics method to implement dynamic remarketing.


Dynamic Remarketing using Analytics – Non-GTM Method

Step 1:

  • There are 3 custom parameters in any business type, they are
    • ID [Required]
    • Page Type [Optional]
    • Total Value [Optional]
  • These parameters are used as a condition to create remarketing list in Adwords.
  • You can implement them in any business type.
  • In Analytics, go to Property > Custom Definition > Custom Dimensions.
  • Create 3 Hit level dimensions, (can name anything)
    • dynx_prodid
    • dynx_pagetype
    • dynx_totalvalue

dynamic remarketing Custom Dimension - Digishuffle


Step 2:

  • Go To Property > Audience Definition > Dynamic Attributes.
  • Create dynamic attribute linking.
  • Verify the business type, AdWords linked account.
  • Assign the custom dimension created in Step#1 to respective attributes.
  • You can also assign only ID attribute.

Dynamic Attribute for dynamic remarketing - digishuffle


Step 3:

  • You can add the new line ‘ga(‘set’, ‘dimension[X]’, [value])’ in the analytics code. (replace the [x] & [value] with respective dimension index & value).
  • You can add this code on product_pages, search_results_pages, product_listing_pages, etc . (replace the proper values in dimensions)
  • Replace your analytics code as follows. Eg: product_page


  • If you want to track Add To Cart, Remove From Cart, Button Click, etc, you can use

    Note: Make sure you have implemented the ga set command on pageview where events are tracked.


  • If your pageview code does not contain ga set command. Use


Step 4:

  • Keep an eye on Adwords > Shared Library > Audiences. Check if the search & display audiences are getting filled.
  • You’ll see an error for 2-3 days until the data gets populated via analytics. So ignore it.
  • Check here if the error persists.

Dynamic Remarketing Error - Digishuffle




  • You can implement the above process for any business type.
  • IDs passed in the code should match the ID column.
  • You can get error messages if Ids don’t match the Ids in Feed.
  • Keep an eye on the display audiences list.


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