Spreadsheet App To Track Offline Users in Google Analytics

I have demonstrated How to track Offline User interaction in real time in Google Analytics.
Here, I would be showing how to setup the simple spreadsheet app to track user. If you want to know the working of the app do check out the above link.


Spreadsheet App to Track Users – Google Analytics

Step 1

Step 2

  • Create a new spreadsheet and name it ‘ Event Registration ‘. (you can name anything)

Step 3

  • Go To Tools > Script Editor and paste the following code in code.gs:
    In sendHit function, make sure to replace the value of propID (UA-XXXXXXXX-X) with your own property ID.
    The current hit contains campaign parameters, you can comment it if you don’t want it.


  • Now Create another file name ‘sidebar.html’ ( File > New > HTML File) and paste the following code:

Step 4

  • Try refreshing the spreadsheet and the new drop down will appear named ‘Event Registered Users’ . Click on it and open Event ABC

Spreadsheet App - User tracking GA


Step 5

  • Now enter the Unique Code and click verify. You can check the analytics real tie to see the event getting triggered.
    You can verify the code only once to avoid sending duplicate hits to analytics.
  • Click Below gif to see the whole process

Real Time Offline User Tracking - Google Analytics


For more info, make sure you check : Tracking Offline Users in Real Time through Google Analytics

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