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This post would help you answer some questions like:

  • What is a Unique Pageview ?
  • What is a Pageview?
  • Comparison – Unique Pageview vs Pageview
  • How does Google Analytics count Pageviews and Unique pageviews? and more….


Unique Pageview:

Unique Pageviews is the number of sessions during which the specified page was viewed at least once. A Unique Pageview is counted for each page URL + page Title combination. It is a session level metric.



Pageview is simply a counter which increases by one every page load, irrespective of sessions or users. It is a hit level metric.


If you are unaware of Sessions and hit level metrics, check Google Analytics Hierarchy in : Google Analytics – Sessions – Metrics Simplified Series



Now lets try to understand this through a practical example. Lets say, a user has viewed 5 pages on a website in the following order.

  1. /page-1
  2. /page-2
  3. /page-3
  4. /page-1
  5. /page-2

This is what gets reported in analytics: (Behavior > Site Content > All Pages)

Unique Pageviews - Path of User

A user has visited /page-1 twice in the same session. So for ‘/page-1’, the pageview metrics will simply be 2. Now as per the unique pageviews definition, the number of sessions in which the /page-1 was viewed is one. So you can see 1 unique pageview for /page-1. Similarly, the page-2 and page-3 have 1-1 unique pageviews.


Pageview is a hit level metric & Unique Pageviews is a session level metric. So, with every page load the pageview count increases by one, while the unique pageview count (for a particular page) increases only once per session.

To know more about Sessions and hits, check Google Analytics – Sessions & Hits – Metrics Simplified Series.


  • Don’t confuse the unique pageview metric with the total number of sessions. Some of them try to compare the total unique pageview (3 in above image) with total sessions in Audience overview report (1 session). There might be sessions which viewed one or more pages.
    To know more check Unique Pageviews vs Sessions vs Users.
  • Unique pageview is session level metric. A single user can have multiple sessions and can generate multiple Unique pageviews for a specific page (i.e one per session).

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