500+ Dimensions & Metrics Of Google Analytics (With Definition)

List Of Google Analytics Metrics & Dimensions

List Of ALL the Google Analytics Dimensions & Metrics (& Its Definition)

Categorized by Type, Data Type, Group & Description

The list contains all the dimensions  & metrics of google analytics. Here;s how you can use the following table:

  • Filter: You can use it to filter each column in the table
  • Add: You can use it to add/hide columns. The columns include
    • UI Name: The name in the google analytics interface
    • Type: Dimension or Metric
    • Data Type: The type of data. (String, Integer, Time, etc)
    • Group: The Group the dimension or metric belongs to.
    • Description: The definition of the dimension or metric.

Dimensions & Metrics of Google Analytics (Total Rows: {{filterData.length}})

{{ x.attributes.uiName }} {{ x.attributes.type }} {{x.attributes.dataType}} {{x.attributes.group}} {{x.attributes.description}}


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