How To Run Adwords Scripts – Step by Step Tutorial

Adwords Script is truly a hidden gem in google adwords. It will save much of your time & effort which is required for most of the manual work in creating & managing the adwords account.

Here, I will show the step by step method to run the script.
This post would be for the users who are new to adwords scripts.

Steps To Run Adwords Script

Step 1

  • Go to Bulk Operations > Scripts.

Step 2

  • Copy The Script Here.
  • Paste the Script below > Click Authorize Now > Click Allow (check screenshots below)

How To Run Adwords Scripts - Authorize Now

Step 3

  • This script will not change anything in adwords & will just output the data in spreadsheet.
    You can click PREVIEW & check the log for output.

Adwords Automated Daily Reports - Digishuffle

  • Copy the URL in the log and open it in new tab

Step – 4

Adwords Automated Reports in Spreadsheet - Digishuffle

There are also scripts which can manage your adwords configuration such as changing bids, creating ads,ad scheduling, editing campaigns & much more. For such scripts make sure to first PREVIEW it.

Adwords Script Output Tabs:

  • The ‘Logs’ tab will output the data from the script where Logger.log function is implemented.
    The ‘Changes’ tab will show you the expected changes that will occur in adwords account, after running the script.
Adwords Scripts Output Tabs

Adwords Script Examples:

You can also explore the examples given by google by clicking show examples and don’t forget to preview before running it.


To know more use cases do check out:

Automated Adwords Report Script

Adwords CPA Scanner – Analyze & Reduce High CPAs in Seconds.

Adwords CPA Scanner – Analyze & Reduce High CPAs in Seconds.

Adwords Script Scheduling:

  • You can schedule the script Hourly/Daily/Weekly/Monthly.
  • Script will run & mail you if there is any error.

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