Adwords Analysis – Hour & Day of Week – Automated

Today , we’ll be looking into something which most of us are already familiar about, the ‘Hour & Day of week’ report, but the good thing in this report is its automation functionality in scripts. I’ll also explain some use cases which you can use for analysis.
Well , lets dive into it then. Just Copy and Preview the scripts here:


  • By default, when you run the script for the first time, the data would be of last 7 days.
  • If you want the data for different date range, you can enter the start & end date(mm/dd/yyyy) in the cell and re-run the script.


  • You can see A4,A5,A6 cells containing ‘Campaign contains’, ‘Device’, ‘Metric’.
  • The ‘Campaign contains’ is the same as it suggests and is case – sensitive.
  • Device is the device filter for computer,mobile and tablet. For metrics filter,
  • I have just taken basic metrics Imp, Clicks, Cost, Conv, CPA, CPC.

I have used conditional formatting for this data. You can do it by going to Format > Conditional formatting.


  • I have start date and end date as TODAY()-8, TODAY()-1 (or you can even put it as blank for last 7 days) and the script is scheduled daily morning at 9(Our Office Time!!).
  • I have calculated the average for the Hour of the day and Day of week for last 4 weeks to compare with last week stats.
  • Every day, I can analyze and compare the stats with the previous data. Also, whenever I do ad scheduling (dayparting) in adwords, I can immediately compare the stats next day/week, depending on the changes you make in ad scheduling.



  • Another use case would be to use charts to analyze trends.Like I have used area chart in spreadsheet.adwordshour_dayofweek_usecase2


Script Automation:

  • You can use this data in numerous ways, and monitor it daily/weekly so that you don’t miss out insights. You can also automate the script Hourly/Daily/Weekly/Monthly. (Image Below)


You can come up more use cases like this & gain more insights on daily/weekly basis.Do comment if you already came up with one.

Happy Analyzing Folks!!!


Ritwik is a Web Analyst & Product Marketer. He loves to write technical & easy to understand blogs for Marketers & Entrepreneurs. Focused on Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Tag Management, Marketing & Automation Scripts & more. Google Certified Professional. A Firm Believer in Teaching -> Learning -> Growing. :)

Comments (3)

  1. Hi Ritwik,

    This is a really interesting script. Thanks for sharing. I have 175 campaigns in my account and the time of day and day of week performed differently. Is there for the script to analyze each campaign performance separately?

    1. Hi Ritwik,

      Just following up here. Is there a way to add conversion rate to the script?

      1. Hi Leandra,

        Sorry for the delay. I haven’t updated any adwords script for a long time. Yes, you can add conv. rate, but you’ll need a developer.


        You can do the trick by copy/pasting the clicks & conversion report differently & then using the formulae clicks/conversions.


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