DigiXport (Facebook To GA) – Add-On Docs

All Accounts

All Accounts

Step – 1

  • Click on ‘+Add Account’ > Authorize Your Accounts.
  • After Successful Authorization, you can start exporting data in spreadsheet.



Step – 2

  • Account ID: Account Name/ID of the authorized account.
  • Date Range: Select Custom Date Range Or Pre-Defined Range from the drop down.
  • Fields: You can select upto 7 max fields.
  • Split By: You can split the data by day, week, month.
  • Filter By: Use the fields to filter the data.
  • Export Sheet: Name of the sheet in the current spreadsheet
  • Export Cell: The cell position (row,column).
  • Additional Options: Select the additional options to enable GAupload, noHeaders, Multiply fields,etc

Step – 3

  • Export: Export the Data. No Export limit in Beta.
  • Log Out: Logout of the currently logged account.

Additional Options:

  • Save Query: It will generate the query ID in the ‘Saved_Queries’ sheet. This Query ID can be used for scheduling ads data export for facebook & bing.
  • No Headers: Enabling it will remove the headers row from export.
  • GA Upload: Enabling this will export ads data in the format compatible for Google Analytics Upload
    Eg: You can use ‘facebook’ & ‘cpc’ as source & medium for data export. The source & medium column will be appended as the last columns as export.
  • Multiplier: Only ‘Spend’ field can be used for multiplying. Include spend field in the query.
Additional Option

Uploading Data To Google Analytics

Step 1: Facebook Ads Data Upload

Fields For Facebook Ads Export
Additional Option Settings

Step 1: Bing Cost Data Upload

Bing_Fields for Google Analytics Upload
Fields For Bing Ads Export
Additional Option Settings
  • To Upload Facebook OR Bing Ads Data in Google Analytics, Use the Above Setting To Export the Data.
  • You can use Multiplier for currency conversion. (currently only spend field can be multiplied)
  • Copy the Below Header Rows (for GA Upload) & Paste it in the spreadsheet. 


Facebook Cost Data Upload To Google Analytics - Digishuffle
Fields Ordering

Step – 2

  • Open GA > Property > Cost Data.
  • Create Cost Data > Enter these Columns as keys.
  • Save the dataset.
Google Analytics Cost Data Upload

Step – 5

  • Authorize your google account.
  • Select the GA Account ID, Property ID & Dataset ID.
  • Click Upload to upload the data in the sheet.

Step – 6

  • After Clicking Upload Data, the data would be sent to google analytics.
  • If Google Analytics Upload completes successfully, you’ll see the Success message.
  • Else, You’ll see the Error message & the causes for Errors.
  • Lastly, the Upload Data Would Be Updated in the Sheet named ‘Uploaded_Queries‘.
Google Analytics Cost Data Upload Check
Fail Message
Success Message

How To Schedule Data Export?

Step – 1

  • While exporting data make sure to check the ‘Save Query‘ box.
  • Also, Select the pre-defined date range ‘Yesterday’, so every day the data would be exported for the previous day.
  • After Exporting the data, you’ll generate the ‘QueryID‘.

Step – 2

  • Copy the Query ID.& Paste it in the Query ID filed in Schedule Tab.
  • Select The Destination Google Analytics Configuration in ‘GA’ tab.
  • Select the Schedule Frequency, Time & Timezone.
  • Click Schedule.


You may receive errors in the following scenarios while exporting Facebook Or Bing Ads data:

  • Exporting incompatible fields combination.
  • Only Exporting Dimensions Or Metrics. (Eg: Campaign name Or Impressions)
  • Token Expired.
  • Not including ‘Date Start’ in the field box while breaking it down by date or using GA upload format.


Reporting Guides

For More Info About

  • Creating Reporting Templates & Dashboard
  • Using Data Studio with DigiXport
  • Using Query Function To Modify The Exported Data.

Check out the reporting guide below.