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Google Analytics Audit Services

  • Do you trust your Analytics Data?
  • Are you affected by Spam data?
  • Is your Analytics integrated with other platforms?
  • Are you Metrics defined as per KPIs?
  • Looking to Grow your Revenue by applying analytics techniques?


According to 90/10 rule by  Avinash Kaushik, Digital Marketing Evangelist – Google,


Invest 10% of budget in tools & 90% in Intelligent resources/analysts


Lots of businesses do exactly opposite. They invest in like 10-12 tools which are pretty useless if you don’t have a web analytics expert.

Google Analytics Site Audit includes checking:

  • Google Analytics Settings, Configurations & Integrations.
  • Measurement Strategy as per business KPI.
  • Accurate & Actionable Data Collection.
  • KPI Reporting / Dashboard for business.


Some of the Implementation includes:

Google Analytics

  • Setup Google Analytics.
  • Integration with Webmasters & Adwords.
  • Creation of Filtered Views.
  • Spam & Internal Traffic Filter
  • Creation of Micro & Macro Goals based on KPIs
  • Remarketing List creation.
  • Site Search Tracking


  • User Id / Client Id Tracking
  • Event Tracking across websites including
    • Link Clicks Tracking
    • Button Clicks
    • Scroll Tracking
    • Time On Page Tracking
    • Image Clicks
    • Image Hovers
    • and more
  • Cross Domain Tracking
  • Ecommerce Tracking
  • Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking
  • Email Tracking
  • Custom Dimensions
  • Custom Metrics


  • Content / Page Grouping
  • Channel Grouping
  • Cost Data Upload from other advertisers.


Google Analytics API

  • Automate Reports in Spreadsheet.
  • Customized Reports as per Business niche.
  • Google Scripts Automation. 
  • Automate Cost Data Import.


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