[NEW] Scheduling & Reporting Automation

All The Saved Queries Will Be Saved In ‘Saved_Queries‘ Query Sheet in the spreadsheet. You can now ADD/REMOVE/EDIT queries directly from the sheet.

Let’s understand some of the following terms:

  • Query Sheet
  • Testing Queries
  • Scheduling Queries

Query Sheet

Query Sheet denotes the ‘saved_queries’ sheet where all the queries for the digixport are saved.

These QUERIES will be used for Scheduling Reports.

To assign a particular spreadsheet as the “Query Sheet”, simply follow the below steps

  1. Go To Schedule Tab
  2. Click On Query Sheet
  3. Click on “Use Current Sheet”

To assign another spreadsheet as the query sheet, simply open that spreadsheet & follow the above process.

By Default, Whenever the user saves the query for the first time, the ‘Saved_queries” sheet is created within the current spreadsheet & is assigned as the Query Sheet.


On Clicking “Test Queries“,  all the old saved queries will be exported to the current spreadsheets.


Query Sheet Formatting

  • Make Sure To Format The Entire “Saved_Query” Sheet As Text.
  • Some of the examples are:
    • Date Range: “2019-01-01 to 2019-01-15” or “2019-01-15”
    • Cell: “2,1” or “1,1”.

Test Queries

On clicking “Test Queries” a modal box will open & validate your queries. The validation process will take place as follows:

  • The queries (from the query sheet) starting from the cell A8 to the bottom will be checked for errors.
  • If Query Id & Query Name is missing from the sheet, a random ID & name will be generated for the query.
  • Any other formatting errors in Query Row will output the Error in the STATUS column.

After query validation, only VALIDATED queries will be populated in the dropdown. Currently,  there are 2 options available in the modal:

  • Export Selected Queries
  • Delete Selected Queries
Digixport - Query Export

Export Selected Queries: Select the queries from the dropdown & click on Export Selected Queries. The queries will be exported in the corresponding sheets & the status will be reflected in the STATUS column

Delete Selected Queries: Select queries to delete & click on delete selected queries. The queries will be deleted from the sheet. The blank rows will also be omitted.
NOTE: Queries will not be retrieved once deleted. So better save the ‘query row‘ in some other sheet as a backup.

Scheduling Queries

Once the queries are saved in the Query Sheet, you can schedule queries from the schedule tab.

  • Go To Schedule Tab
  • Select Data Export Frequency & Time.
  • Click On Schedule.

The Queries from the query sheet will be used to export the data. Make sure to Test Query before scheduling it.


Some IMPORTANT Points:

  1. Avoid Blank Rows between the queries
  2. Any formatting errors in the query row will result in an error.
  3. If any query fails, the scheduling will stop.
  4. Check Status & Last Ran column for the execution status.